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SSP Cryogenics/Vacuum technology
  • Cryogenics engineering is a technology for the creation of deep temperatures and the utilization of physical effects at deep temperatures. Based on this technology, we combine compatibility of media and raw materials as well as our experience in vacuum technology and joining technology. Thus, we produce our proven and tested devices in consideration of safety requirements and according to rules and standards.

  • By default, our devices cover the temperature range down to 77,4 Kelvin (-195,8 °C), the boiling point of nitrogen (LIN). The standard devices are also appropriate for liquid argon (LAr) and after a special cleaning procedure for liquid oxygen (LOX). Devices for tasks at 20,4 Kelvin for liquid hydrogen (LH2) and at 4,2 Kelvin down to 1 Kelvin for liquid helium (LHe) are also available.
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    In addition to custom-built solutions, we offer following equipment by default:

  • LIN-feed systems, LIN-spraying systems, LIN-submerge systems
  • LIN-, LAr-, LOX-vacuum-insulated transfer lines with Johnston couplings; alternatively a fully welded version with a user supplied continous vacuum or equipped with a vacuum pump
  • LHe-vacuum-insulated stiff or flexible transfer lines with Johnston couplings; alternatively a fully welded version with or without a LIN-shield
  • He-lifter transfer lines, He-syphons with or without integrated add-on parts, control valves, throttle valves, shut-off valves, etc.
  • flow-type or bath cryostats, dilution refrigerators
  • liquefiers
  • degassers, subcoolers
  • purifiers
  • cryo boxes and cryo valves out of provisions or deliveries from renowned european manufacturers.

  • Based on our consulting, development, calculation, construction, manufacturing, installation and putting into service, we are eager to fulfill your requirements. We welcome your specification in combination with a drawing.